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Welcome to Lark + Poppy Studio! I'm Jamie, the owner and sourdough obsessed wife to a hardworking husband. We have two beautiful girls, and our Siamese cat Kingston. Lark + Poppy Studio came about from my intense need for a creative outlet.

My story is definitely not unique. At the start of the pandemic, big birthday parties were put on hold and I realized that I missed all of the planning, decorating, and creating that I did for these. But even before the pandemic, my usual artistic self was already busier with raising my little family. Now that my girls are a bit older and don't need my attention full time, I thought it was time to start creating again! I knew the itch was never going to leave having all sorts of creativity in my genes. My father designed and manufactured jewellery for 42 years (I worked along side him for 9 years), and my late mother was incredibly crafty with all sorts of mediums including fabric (she sewed up at storm!), paint, and clay, etc. I also learned a lot from both of my parents while I was in the kitchen with them growing up.

With more and more focus being put on self-sustainability, it was natural that my first product would come from the kitchen. Being home more often made it possible to experiment with things in the kitchen that I normally would not have made time for. I was instantly intrigued with everything sourdough, which led to the birth of my first sourdough starter on April 9, 2020. What a journey it has been! I read and watched, and read and watched again, everything to do with sourdough and starters. Once my bread making skills started to get better and better, and after a lot of interest from family, friends, and neighbours, I decided to turn my experiment into a little business with the creation of The Sour Crumb Starter Kit.

My hope is that I can help you bring the crazy and amazing world of sourdough into your home in a quick and easy way. My guess is that you will LOVE your little sourdough experiment as much as I have! Because let's face it...there is NOTHING like the smell and taste of homemade bread and goodies, especially knowing that your starter gave them life!


Jamie Scott

Owner of Lark + Poppy Studio

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Photo taken by the talented Meliza Orellana of Meliza Orellana Photography (check her out!). She still managed to capture some great natural photos of me after I pulled an all-nighter before my very first market. Here I am in all my no shower, messy hair glory! :)

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